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June 2024

brice ciabatti

Refractions: A Journey Through the Artist's Vision

As the artist's eyesight begins to dim, "Refractions" emerges as a poignant exploration of the intersection between creativity and perception. Each piece in this immersive art show reflects the artist's introspective journey, grappling with the implications of losing sight while seeking new avenues of expression.

Deconstructing images to their essence, Ciabatti focuses on ephemeral moments and the delicate interplay of light and shadow. Forms are distilled into their simplest hues, inviting viewers to construct the environment in their mind's eye. 

On Display

Brad Betts, ASMA

Brad Betts has been an artist for over 25 years and is a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists (ASMA).  His paintings have appeared in solo and group shows, including the Mystic Seaport Gallery’s acclaimed “International Marine Art Exhibition”, receiving multiple awards for excellence. His inspiration to paint all things nautical is an outgrowth of his youth spent around the Gulf coast waters. In 2020, Brad visited his son, an artist-in-residence at SBCAST in Santa Barbara, where he was immediately drawn to the vivid hues of the gardens, the towering palm trees set against the mountains and the sea, and the rich architectural charm of the area. He and his wife have made Santa Barbara their home away from home, capturing the love of this coastal town in plein air.

May 2024

things with wings

Things with Wings! Local artist Betzhi Walton grew up with a deep love of nature, and her 5x5 hummingbird paintings demonstrate the intricacies and beauty of these amazing creatures in stunning color and detail. Liselle Wilsnagh has traveled the globe capturing moments and emotions in time, and her flight photography is filled with majestic movement. Lori Moore brings textiles and ceramics to life, with an awe-inspiring display of embroidery work and a ceramic murmuration of birds in flight.

Celebrating a life in art - April 2024

Diana Postel

Diana Postel painted and exhibited for over 6 decades. She trained at the Art Institute of Chicago, and extensively with Norman Raeben, son of author/playwright Sholem Aleichem and a student of Robert Henri and George Luks. Her paintings are both vibrant and insouciant, with bold use of colors and placement of objects. Her work has been influenced by Milton Avery, Henri Matisse, and Pablo Picasso.  With elements of abstraction that delineate the essence of a still life, figure or landscape in a poetic context, her work presents representational oils and mixed media works on paper.

A Century, A Painter - March 2024

Cecily Barth Firestein

An abstract expressionist painter and printmaker, Cecily Barth Firestein's work has been featured in museums, private collections and galleries across the globe. Her 50th one women show, A Century, A Painter, highlights nearly a century's worth of exquisite work that expresses Firestein's personal statements with humor in monotype/collage compositions on paper. 

Abstracts and Portraits - February 2024


Santa Barbara native Christopher Colvin is self taught by means of personal study and perseverance, heavily influenced by his experiences living in San Fransisco and New York City. His work has shown in galleries and exhibitions coast to coast, including the Lincoln Center in conjunction with the African Film Festival.

Coastal Edges - December 2023/January 2024

Kellen Meyer

Kellen Meyer is a contemporary artist focused on large-scale fiber art installations, sculptures, and collaborations with galleries and boutique hotels. Rooted in nature and story, highly influenced by the natural world, Meyer creates with natural, biodegradable materials and plant dyes.

Coastal Edges - December 2023/January 2024

John Baran

As an artist and professional photographer, John Baran's photography inspires both his abstract and wildlife fine art paintings and commissions. He spends countless hours on land and in the sea observing animals in their natural environments, photographing and sketching them as inspiration for his work.

Robert Heckes Oil Painting

An Artistic Oddesey - october/november 2023

Robert Heckes

Using oil and acrylic polymer paint, Robert Heckes creates vibrant large and medium-scale paintings that hint at environment, personal experience and social media. His work has shown nationally and has been reviewed in publications including the New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, Art in America, Village Voice, and Architectural Digest.

Polpo Pottery - November 2023


Local, hand-thrown ceramics by Polpo Pottery, the inspiration of Ethan Lowry. High quality clay with exceptional glaze selection. One of a kind, exclusive to Art & Soul.