Things with Wings

May 1st - June 2nd

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friday, May 31st 5-8 pm

funk zone live

Friday, May 31st from 5-8pm at participating venues throughout the Funk Zone, Santa Barbara's hub for arts and culture. Join us at Art & Soul for the closing reception of Things with Wings, featuring Bethzi Walton, Liselle Wilsnagh, and Lori Moore, with Margerum wines and Nook Nibbles, and check out all our amazing neighbors in the Funk Zone for art, retail, food, drink, music and all the fun-k!


Brice Ciabatti

Originally from Cote d’Ivoire, an immigrant son of California, contemporary artist Brice Ciabatti has maintained a strong connection to his French African roots. Throughout his career in the Arts, he has cultivated a strong inquisition for exploration and experimentation. His exhibition, Refractions, opens at Art & Soul First Thursday, June 6th, from 5-8pm.


Brad Betts

Art & Soul is thrilled to showcase the work of esteemed Maine artist, Brad Betts. Most revered for his maritime paintings, Betts paints plein air while in Santa Barbara, capturing the California charm of our coastal town. “When you paint outside, the light and conditions change constantly. This forces you to simplify your decisions and rely completely on practiced techniques and natural instincts. In these moments, you connect most with yourself as an artist and the energy that comes from within.” Inquire for pricing and availability.